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2023 Season

HIGH SCHOOL TEAMS (2024's-2026's)

We had tryouts for our high school teams in January. We understand that not everyone was able to make it and some people couldn't commit to a summer program that early on. If you are interested in playing with us, we still have a few roster spots open. Fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you!

We will be splitting the players into teams based on their skills (Elite, Blue, White). We have found that splitting the girls into teams with girls who have a similar skill set as each other allows us to grow each girl's skills at a quicker pace.

Once you sign up we will have you fill out a preseason questionnaire so we can get your number preference, uniform sizes, etc.

YOUTH TEAMS (2027's & Below)
Tryout information:
Tryouts for the youth-age players will be on the first day of practice at Swenson Farms. The girls will be split up mainly by age group, but ultimately we want the best fit for each player, and adjustments can be made after we have seen them play.

We value smaller roster sizes so we can really work one on one with each girl, but also so the girls are getting a lot of playing time. We are going to try and find a place for each girl on one of our teams, however, depending on our numbers, we might have to make cuts.

We will have an email sent out with team assignments by the end of the weekend of tryouts.


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